The Wizard's Workshop

The Wizard's workshop 

 A children's activity book
This manuscript is complete and I am in the process of finding an agent for it.

The Wizard’s Workshop is a science activity book where fantasy and magic meet the real world. This book takes the average elementary student and places them in a wizard’s potions class, turning education into real magic. 

With this book, children can make potions to scare away the bogeyman, attract zombies, capture a vampire’s power, and so much more. It also comes with potion labels for household ingredients. No more vinegar and baking soda; now children can work with Troll Tears and Fairy Wing Powder. Filled with short stories about interesting characters such as Anita Knapp who couldn’t sleep because her house was infested with bogeymen, and Kent C. Strait, a blind Cyclops who had to fight off an overeager sandman, this book is sure to turn experiments into hours of imaginary playtime.

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I'm always excited to release a new book, but I have to say...This one is extra special. THE WIZARD'S WORKSHOP , was born out of m...