Monday, November 29, 2010


Okay here it is--the long awaited, super duper, totally awesome, incredible. Music video.  Did I mention TOTALLY AWESOME! Check it out!

Cast and Crew for Mark of Royalty the Video

  • Jennifer K. Clark - Author of the book and Producer of the video
  • Stephonie K. Williams - Coauthor of the book and Producer of the video
  • Kelsey Wheadon - Song Artist & Interviewee
  • Warren Workman - Director
  • Jaclyn Hales - Sarah
  • Jon Florence - Alex
  • TJ Curtis- Chad
  • Rebecca Batty - Felicia
  • Kenneth Yeager - Clyde
  • Natalie Willison - Queen Julianna
  • Kenneth Applegate- King Richard
  • Liekele 364 (Luke) - Friesian Stallion
  • Vicky Stevens - Owner & Trainer
  • Christie Erickson - Trainer, Rider, & Stunt Double
  • Liz Carazo - Horse Groom
  • Lilliana Corona - Production Assistant
  • Ashley Yakovich - Production Assistant and Grip
  • Adam Moore - Grip
  • Scott Warren - Director of Photography
  • Dora Workman - Assistant Director
  • Pete Yakovich - Boom Operator and Grip
  • Krik Myers - Gaffer
  • Paul Williams - Assistant Producer
  • Melaine Mallory- Wardrobe
  • Linda Kilgrow - Wardrobe Assistant
  • Valynda Clark - Wardrove Assistant
  • Nicole Manley - Hair & Makeup
  • Rachel Parkinson - Hair & Makeup
  • Brittany - Hair & Makeup
  • Jack Clark - Transportation
  • Don Kilgrow - Transportation
  • Eddie J Sáenz- Photographer
  • Michael - Crafty, Extra, & Interviewee
  • Jared Kilgrow - Catering
  • Sarah - Crafty, Extra, & Interviewee
  • Anneli Byrd - Extra & Interviewee
  • Catherine Byrd - Extra & Interviewee
We would like to extend a very special Thank You! to everyone who helped us on this project.
  • Tabitha Mounteer
  • Holly Tippetts
  • Michael Jeffery
  • Julie Jeffery
  • Andrew Aedo
  • Ashley Aedo
  • Cameron Fullmer
  • Adam Baird
  • Patti King
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Stephanie Judd
  • Eliot Wood
  • Jennifer Sinclair
  • Trent Sargent
  • Kasey Warhurst
  • Kish Carter
  • Jennifer Bannic
  • Megan Warhurst

If I have forgotten anyone, please please please let me know!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This is just a quick note from me again.  Jennifer is at our parents' place for Thanksgiving and so she decided to delay posting the music video here until Monday.

We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday!

(Jenn's sister and personal comfort zone pusher)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meet Luke

Jennifer is taking care of business and asked me to guest post to her blog so that you will be able to have the horse video tonight instead of tomorrow.

As Jennifer and I planned out what we wanted for the music video, the scenes we wanted to film and the characters, one of the things that we kept going back to was having a horse.  There are many horses in the book but the one that stands out is Alex's Friesian stallion. We were not going to be content with just any horse; we wanted a Friesian. Since there are only between 2,000 and 3,000 Friesians in the US we were concerned that we would not be able to find one.  Luckily there are several owners/breeders in Utah that have the stunning black horses.  They are wildly popular for movies thanks to Goliath in Ladyhawke and we found three possibilities.  However, being popular, highly trained, and expensive (in terms of financially and in time) to groom and transport we discovered that we may very well might not be able to afford to have the horse of our dreams in our little production.  We joked that we might have to settle for any horse we could get, use some black boot polish, and duct tape extra main, tail, and feathers on the feet.  Luckily Jenn was given the name of Vicky Stephens at Shaman's Circle Ranch.  Vicky wanted to help us and did everything she could to help us achieve what we envisioned.

Once we had made arrangements with Vicky I posted on Facebook and said,
"By the way, our most expensive actor is Luke. He comes with his own trailer, hair stylist, caterer, and wardrobe.  He is big, stunningly beautiful, graceful, regal, and extremely skilled and experienced. Did I mention that he is black as black can be, his hair is to DIE for, and he is a real stallion. No, seriously he IS a stallion, a Friesian stallion. He is pricey but so so so worth it. You just wait and see!"

Luke was so beautiful and Vicky and her team so gracious and helpful that we couldn't NOT feature him in his own little video.  We hope that you enjoy seeing more of the horse that performed so beautifully for us and also brings an element of commonality for Alex and Sarah in our book.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mark of Royalty lyrics

How awesome is this.... This song was written specifically for our book, Mark of Royalty.
Kelsey did such a fantastic job and it totally fits with the story in the book.

So with no further adiue, here are the long awaited lyrics to the song Mark of Royalty
Written by and performed by Kelsey Wheadon

I feel so lost in my own world
Like there’s so much more to be
And here I try to regain my strength
To obtain that side of me

I follow in hopes of some sort of clue
To the cause of why I’m here
As all I’ve ever known is wrong
My path is so unclear

So I’ll run against the soaring wind
And I’ll reach just to touch your hand
I’ll follow you on this journey
Just to find who I am

I surrender, I need to know
Please, just let it show
I thought I knew
And now so unsure
I don’t know where to go

So I’ll run against the soaring wind
And I’ll reach just to touch your hand
I’ll follow you on this journey
Just to find who I am

A secret has been kept from me
This mark claims my identity

So I’ll run against the soaring wind
And I’ll reach just to touch your hand
I’ll follow you on this journey
Just to find who I am

I think you know
I’ll trust in you
Take my hand, show me

I’ll find who I am
Yes, I’ll find who I am
Find who I am
Okay, so now I know your dying to hear the song set to music and see the music video. 
We will be posting it .........DRUM ROLL.......
November 24th!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mark of Royalty Premiere

The Mark of Royalty premiere was a success!
The picture above is only half of the room, but you can tell that we had a crowd there. 77 people to be exact! We even had to pull out more chairs!

For those of you who don't know what this is all about...My sister Stephonie and I made a music video to help promote our book, Mark of Royalty. The premiere party features the first public viewing of the music video.

What did we do?.....Lots!
*My editor, Eliza Nevin, and 2 of her friends sang to us, ended with a beautiful Irish folksong.
*We gave away 20 prizes! Some included hand made journals, Kelsey Weadon CD's, and yummy treats!
*Those who came got to meet the song artist, Kelsey Weadon, and some of the other actors and were able to look through photos taken the day of the shoot.
*And of course... we viewed some videos. 1-a short video on Friesian Stallion that we used. 2-The book trailer. 3-The fabulous, oh soooo amazing Mark of Royalty Music Video. 4-the funny blooper reel.

It was so fun and I even received 2 invitations to speak at schools about the book and to show the videos.
I was really impressed by several people who talked to me afterward about their own writing experiences and book ideas.

It was GREAT! Next big party on the list.... The Mark of Royalty Book Launch (February)

We will be posting the music video soon, so keep your eye out for it! 

Her are just a few pictures from the Premiere.

Warren Workman (our director) and his wife, Dora.

Kelsey Weadon (song artist) and her husband and daughter

Jaclyn Hales (lead actress playing Sarah) and her husband

Editor, Eliza Nevin (on the left), and friends.

Monday, November 8, 2010


What are you doing Saturday evening?
If you're in the Provo area, come to our MUSIC VIDEO/BOOK TRAILER PREMIERE!

What should you expect?
Prizes, treats, and FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
My editor, Eliza, will sing some songs and we get to watch the blooper reel too!!!

I am so excited for this!!!
This is an open invitation, so please come and bring your family or friends!
This Saturday, Nov. 13th at 5:00 pm. 
610 West 300 South, Provo, Ut.
Hope to see you there!


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