Monday, November 29, 2010


Okay here it is--the long awaited, super duper, totally awesome, incredible. Music video.  Did I mention TOTALLY AWESOME! Check it out!

Cast and Crew for Mark of Royalty the Video

  • Jennifer K. Clark - Author of the book and Producer of the video
  • Stephonie K. Williams - Coauthor of the book and Producer of the video
  • Kelsey Wheadon - Song Artist & Interviewee
  • Warren Workman - Director
  • Jaclyn Hales - Sarah
  • Jon Florence - Alex
  • TJ Curtis- Chad
  • Rebecca Batty - Felicia
  • Kenneth Yeager - Clyde
  • Natalie Willison - Queen Julianna
  • Kenneth Applegate- King Richard
  • Liekele 364 (Luke) - Friesian Stallion
  • Vicky Stevens - Owner & Trainer
  • Christie Erickson - Trainer, Rider, & Stunt Double
  • Liz Carazo - Horse Groom
  • Lilliana Corona - Production Assistant
  • Ashley Yakovich - Production Assistant and Grip
  • Adam Moore - Grip
  • Scott Warren - Director of Photography
  • Dora Workman - Assistant Director
  • Pete Yakovich - Boom Operator and Grip
  • Krik Myers - Gaffer
  • Paul Williams - Assistant Producer
  • Melaine Mallory- Wardrobe
  • Linda Kilgrow - Wardrobe Assistant
  • Valynda Clark - Wardrove Assistant
  • Nicole Manley - Hair & Makeup
  • Rachel Parkinson - Hair & Makeup
  • Brittany - Hair & Makeup
  • Jack Clark - Transportation
  • Don Kilgrow - Transportation
  • Eddie J Sáenz- Photographer
  • Michael - Crafty, Extra, & Interviewee
  • Jared Kilgrow - Catering
  • Sarah - Crafty, Extra, & Interviewee
  • Anneli Byrd - Extra & Interviewee
  • Catherine Byrd - Extra & Interviewee
We would like to extend a very special Thank You! to everyone who helped us on this project.
  • Tabitha Mounteer
  • Holly Tippetts
  • Michael Jeffery
  • Julie Jeffery
  • Andrew Aedo
  • Ashley Aedo
  • Cameron Fullmer
  • Adam Baird
  • Patti King
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Stephanie Judd
  • Eliot Wood
  • Jennifer Sinclair
  • Trent Sargent
  • Kasey Warhurst
  • Kish Carter
  • Jennifer Bannic
  • Megan Warhurst

If I have forgotten anyone, please please please let me know!!


  1. I LOVE it! It's such an awesome video - and now I can't wait to get the book and review it on my blog!

  2. Wow, Jennifer! I love it! Fantastic! And ditto what Danyelle said. How very exciting!

  3. Jennifer--this is amazing! I love that song, what a beautiful voice. If you're looking for a reviewer, I'd love read your book and post about it on my blog.
    Good luck!

  4. This video made me want to read (and review) the book. Beautiful song and voice, which went well with the video. Great job!

  5. This is very cool. I loved the costumes and the setting - it was all great!

  6. Beautiful! Great video. Congratulations to all involved, you did an excellent job. Good luck in the film festival, and I can't wait to read the book.

  7. Fantastic in every way! It does its job to bring the reader to the book!



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