Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meet Luke

Jennifer is taking care of business and asked me to guest post to her blog so that you will be able to have the horse video tonight instead of tomorrow.

As Jennifer and I planned out what we wanted for the music video, the scenes we wanted to film and the characters, one of the things that we kept going back to was having a horse.  There are many horses in the book but the one that stands out is Alex's Friesian stallion. We were not going to be content with just any horse; we wanted a Friesian. Since there are only between 2,000 and 3,000 Friesians in the US we were concerned that we would not be able to find one.  Luckily there are several owners/breeders in Utah that have the stunning black horses.  They are wildly popular for movies thanks to Goliath in Ladyhawke and we found three possibilities.  However, being popular, highly trained, and expensive (in terms of financially and in time) to groom and transport we discovered that we may very well might not be able to afford to have the horse of our dreams in our little production.  We joked that we might have to settle for any horse we could get, use some black boot polish, and duct tape extra main, tail, and feathers on the feet.  Luckily Jenn was given the name of Vicky Stephens at Shaman's Circle Ranch.  Vicky wanted to help us and did everything she could to help us achieve what we envisioned.

Once we had made arrangements with Vicky I posted on Facebook and said,
"By the way, our most expensive actor is Luke. He comes with his own trailer, hair stylist, caterer, and wardrobe.  He is big, stunningly beautiful, graceful, regal, and extremely skilled and experienced. Did I mention that he is black as black can be, his hair is to DIE for, and he is a real stallion. No, seriously he IS a stallion, a Friesian stallion. He is pricey but so so so worth it. You just wait and see!"

Luke was so beautiful and Vicky and her team so gracious and helpful that we couldn't NOT feature him in his own little video.  We hope that you enjoy seeing more of the horse that performed so beautifully for us and also brings an element of commonality for Alex and Sarah in our book.


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