Monday, January 10, 2011


I feel that it is my solemn duty to inform all of you that Jennifer has gone Missing In Action.  At our last communication she was up to her ears in her son's science project, a little girl's slumber party, getting ready for company,  on top of her already busy schedule.  To be quite honest with you it's the science project that has me most concerned. It is my hope that it didn't somehow take on a life of its own and consume everyone in the house. 

Jennifer has been meaning to post the book trailer here for over a week.  I think perhaps I should probably call her mother in law and have her drop in just to make sure they are all ok.  In the meantime I will post this for her.  We hope you enjoy it.  I or Jennifer, if she is to be found alive, will update you on some really exciting news.  Soon. I hope.



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  2. Good news--I am still alive, although the science project did almost do me in. I went through 3 bottles of glue and every exposed surface of my skin is still sticky. Lets not mention the duct tape.
    Anyway--thanks, Stephonie, for keeping all of us up to date. I love you!

    Jennifer K. Clark

  3. Heh! Anytime =)
    Love you too. So glad you are alive. I was worried. ;)

  4. What a great book trailer! I can't wait for your book to come out so I can order it!



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