Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Project

ROO by David (11 yrs old), POOH by Justice (6 yrs old), TIGGER by Rachael (8 yrs old)

This is what I've been doing lately. I'm a 4-H leader for art and these are the project that the kids in my group have completed. I think they turned out awesome!!!

This year I had 7 kids in the 4-H class, 3 of which were mine. We selected to do a  close up portrait of Disney characters, and to make them a little uniqe--we made them 3-D!

Here you can see the side view of Tigger. The shadow behind him is not painted, it is created because he is raised off the Page by half an inch.

This is how we made them:
1- Each kid picked their favorite Disney character. Then we printed off a little picture of each character off the Internet. I had them stay away from human characters because it is more complicated to do human faces.
2- We painted the backgrounds. Each kid decided on where the light was coming from in their pictures and we spray painted the backgrounds accordingly using regular spray paint. For the little kids they worked on the sweeping motion and pressing the nozzle down while I guided their hand to help them get an even coat.
3- Since this class focused on light and shadow and not actual drawing, we had the kids trace their characters onto a white piece of card stalk. We used a little projector to project the image onto thier paper and they traced the main details, adding or changing the things they wanted.
4- They cleaned up their marks and straightened their lines.
5-Adding color! My son used oil pastel crayons on his and I quickly decided that it would be too hard for the younger ones so the rest of the group used watercolor pencils. These pencils are great and once you go over them with a water-damp paint brush, the colors blend well.
6- Adding the black accents with a black sharpy marker.
7- I cut them out for the kids and mounted them in the frames for them. The cut out characters were glue to small pieced of double-layered foam board. Since the pictures stood out from the background, I added another piece of mattboard to double frame them, raising that as well.

                            MICKEY MOUSE by Nathan (6yrs. old),   STITCH by Brian (14 Yrs old)

This is my son, Michael's (15yrs.). Oil pastel crayons. Purple and yellow spray painted background.

This is my daughter, Julia's (8 yrs. old) Water color pencil. Yellow and orange spray painted background.

My daughter, Sarah's (12 yrs. old) Water color pencil, Solid black background. The tree is raised 1/4 of an inch off the background with foam core, and the cat is raised 1/2 inch off the background giving this a real 3-D layered look. The missing stripes are cut out.

All in all, it turned out to be a great project for the kids. It took 7 classes to complete. They are all happy with the results, and two are going to the State Fair!

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