Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Everyone Loves Horses

(Mark of Royalty Music Video / Book Trailer)

Fact: I am an avid horse lover.

The horse is my favorite animal in the whole world. In fact, if there were ever committees in the pre-existance assigned to help create some form of life, I'm sure I would have been assigned to the horse creation committee. I grew up on books like Black Beauty, Misty of Chinocoteague, and King of the Wind. Now my love of horses comes through in my own writing.

Some of my favorite scenes that I wrote in Mark of Royalty were the ones featuring horses. In Mark of Royalty, the main character, Sarah, has a deep love and appreciation for the equine breed. Despite her step father's animosity towards the animals, Sarah rescues a little lame pony and brings him home. What I love about her interaction with the pony (affectionately named Pooka), is the fact that, although he is the lame one, he becomes very therapeutic for her.

Other favorite scenes in Mark of Royalty include the dashing Alex and his Friesian horse. If any of you have read the book, you know why the Friesian is the perfect horse for Alex. The Friesian is one of my all time favorite breed of horse and one that I would dearly love to own myself. They have a distinct majestic look about them. They are recognized for their silky black coat, their extremely long, wavy mane and tail, and "feathers" on their lower legs. To me, they always appear to be leaning into the wind, and it's an absolute thrill to see them in action. Their large muscular bodies have a sense of dignity and grace which adds to their commanding presence.  You'll see them in movies like The Mask of Zorro, Eragon, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Friesians have a very distinct look about them and we were very blessed to find a pure bread to feature in our Book trailer and Music video.
This is a picture of Luke (the horse) next to Warren Workman(video director), and Christie Erickon (horsetrainer/stunt double.)

Want to win your own copy of Mark of Royalty along with a DVD of the Music Video? We are helping Tristi Pinkston celebrate the release of her new book, Hang 'Em High--another book with horses! We are sponsoring a book giveaway in her contest so check out her blog and come back here on Aug. 4th to enter the drawing.

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