Monday, May 7, 2012

LDStorymakers Conference

I came to the LDStoryMakers conference in disguise--or so a couple of people told me.
One lady said every time she saw at me she thought I was Stephanie Meyer.
It was a great compliment, but I'm not so sure I share much of a resemblance.
If I don't look like her, at least I can pretend that I can write like her.
Stephanie Meyer


Apparently that's not the only disguise I wore. I was also told that I look like Dana Delany. 

I thought that was pretty cool so I decided to change my disguise and try to look like other people. 
How do I look as Dan Wells?

Don't you see the resemblance?

And here I am as the famous Sarah Eden!

There were some famous people there...
James Dashner and Dan Wells

And there were a bunch of future famous people those in boot camp 
and those who braved a pitch session.
I didn't sign up for a pitch session--I'm just pretending to be like all of you who did.

But all of us together made a GREAT conference!

I hope everyone had a fantastic time like I did!


  1. Dan Wells--definitely! It was a great conference.

  2. Awesome pictures! It was great to meet you!

    1. Steph, I'm sure you almost laughed when I focused in on your name tag and my eyes doubled in size. "Oh...that Stephanie!" Ha,ha,ha. I'm glad you sat with us.

  3. Super cute!!! I was there, but we didn't meet. Next year!!

  4. Oh my great globs of silliness! I love it! Storymakers was great and if I didn't know it was you outside that pitch session I would have thought you got a picture of me when I wasn't looking.

  5. Awesome! Love the resemblance! :) It was great to meet you.

  6. It was so much fun. I didn't sign up to pitch either.

  7. LOL. This cracked me up. I love all the photos.

  8. You are so cool. I love all your cute photos. Next year you need to do a pitch session for real, then you can share your success story of how it went too!


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