Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Little About Me

I am, yet again, stepping out of my comfort zone and tentatively tiptoeing into the world of social networking—something unusual for someone who tends to be antisocial and fights with her computer daily. In my defense, I really think it’s the computer and not the user.

So why did I muster my brave efforts and attempt to start a blog? Because I have so many adventures in my life that I want to share. Right now I am up to my neck in a thrilling escapade which I am dying to share with everyone, but for my first blog, I think I should tell a little about myself for those who don’t know me.

As most people know, I am an author… a storyteller… a writer. I grew up in the small border-mountain town of Monticello Utah and as a child I always dreamed that someday I would become a . . . If you’re thinking ‘author’, you’re wrong. Being an author never crossed my mind. Making me write anything was like pulling teeth, and I didn’t read anything that wasn’t required, and even then I made exceptions.

Nope—I dreamed that someday I would be an Indian and live on the reservation and ride horses. I spent my summers with my best friend running wild around the neighborhood and hiding under old man Bill’s grape vines and making mud pottery which we tried to convince the other kids were Native American artifacts. I stole the Indian Crafts and Lore book from my school library (until guilt made me take it from its secret hiding spot in the sleeping bag cupboard and return it) and I made a full Indian outfit from the feather covered bustle, to the breach cloth, and shaggy dancer’s anklets.

It wasn’t until after my kids were born that I discovered that I had my father’s knack for storytelling. Thus my first novel, Mark of Royalty, was born. Terrified to actually write it all down, I coaxed my sister into being the co-author and she got me through it. Now I’m hooked.

My husband and I and our three kids now live in tiny town of Wellington Utah on our little 10 acre farm complete with The Hidden Forest, The Beach (stream), and the Fairy Grove. We love it here. Besides the normal farm animals we also have our own little petting zoo with several unusual breeds of animals. We’re currently thinking about adding a Zebra. My husband loves to farm, and I love to write. I can spend hours writing and I have just completed my third manuscript.

I’m a little old fashioned which accounts for my technical difficulties with the computer. I like to write with pen and paper and sometimes even get out my feather writing quill and ink well. I like to make my own books, sewing the pages together and bind them by hand. I even make my own wax seals. I play my Indian flute, carve wood, paint, and read everything I can get my hands on. Most of all I love to spend hours deep in my imagination forming the stories I want to tell. I am a storyteller.

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