Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mark of Royalty-- The super secret project

Now to explain to the throngs of people who have been waiting with baited breath to hear about the thrilling escapade I've been involved in.... alright, I know I only have 1 follower at this time, but give me time, I'm just building steam.
Anyway...The Super Secret Project; the event that pushed me to start a blog---I have a book that is being published...Tadaaaa! Pause for applause here. Yes, it's my book, Mark of Royalty, which my sister, Stephonie Williams, co-authored with me, and it's being published by Covenant Communications. The secret project that my sister and I have been working on is a Book Trailer and Music Video which we will use to help promote Mark of Royalty. Of course book trailers aren't that uncommon so Stephonie came up with the idea to do a music video too. (Great Idea!) This project has been in the making for months. First we were blessed to get the oh so talented Kelsey Wheadon who wrote and composed a song based on Mark of Royalty. From there we scouted locations, hired Warren Workman as videographer/director, then scouted for actors. The uber-talented Jaclyn Hales who just got done filming Unicorn City plays our lead character, Sarah Benavente.  Jon Florence (hot, hot, hot) took the lead male role of Alex. And the crowd goes wild....Yes we had a star studded cast.
Amongst our other hard workers, Melaine Mallory headed wardrobe, and Paul Mitchel beauty school handled hair and makeup. Scott Warren was out super camera op, and Eddie Sa'enz and Dora Workman did great photography.
Of course we had a whole work crew there that covered everything from transportation to grips and crafties and everything in-between. So thank you Lily (our super go-to girl), Valynda, Don, Linda, Julie, Ashley, Pete, Paul, Jared, Michael, Sarah, Brittany, Nicole, Rachael, Vicky, Christie, TJ, Rebecca, our many extras, and the guys who showed up with ladders, silks, and bounce boards.
So check out some of the pictures.
Our magnificent Fresian Stallion, Luke.

Our beautiful song artist, Kelsey Wheadon.

Jaclyn Hales as Sarah 

Jon Florence as Alex

TJ Curtis as Chad

  Sarah (Jaclyn Hales) meeting Alex and his horse in the orchard.

Sarah and Alex at the castle

Felicia (Rebecca Batty) and Chad (TJ)

And of course- the authors.
My sister, Stephonie Williams   and     Me, Jennifer K Clark

Okay, I know you are all dying to see more pictures, so I won't keep you from them. Please click on the link and join our facebook page: Mark of Royalty. There you can click on the photos tab and see many, many more pictures taken by Dora Workman and Eddie Saenz from our filming day.

If you want to know more about the book: Mark of Royalty,
Click on "Mark of Royalty" under the "My Books" tab in the sidebar.


  1. Ok. Two things, no three:
    I LOVE Silverstein!
    Love your pics!
    And now I'm a follower :)

  2. Can't wait to see the video! Congrats on your book coming out.

  3. Whoa! Very nice!! Can't wait to see the video AND read the book.

  4. I'm loving these pictures - they're beyond awesome!

  5. I just gotta say that I love the book. Its one of my favorite books ever!! When is the movie coming out? I can't wait to see it!! :)



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