Friday, February 18, 2011

Riding On Courage

Giving Disabled Children the Chance to Have Horseback Riding Lessons
Join us as we sponsor horseback rides for disabled children. Nomination guidelines are below.

Stephonie and I are pairing with Courage Reins (an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding) and are offering a one-time experience for disabled kids to experience the benefits of therapeutic riding.
We will select 18 children from your written nominations to receive a free session at Courage Reins where they will experience the benefits first hand of therapeutic horseback riding.

*If you know someone disabled who you think would enjoy a ride, please nominate them by submitting a paragraph (no more than 250 words) of why you think that child would benefit from the experience.
Email all nominations to: with the subject line "NOMINATION".

· 18 children will be selected from all of the written nominations submitted between now and April 23rd, 2011. (The first 5 people to nominate someone will get a free copy of Mark of Royalty, our latest book.)
· Those selected will be awarded a one hour session at Courage Reins (Highland UT) at no cost.
· Riders will be provided a safe and fun environment where their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth will be stimulated through therapeutic horseback riding.
· Those selected must inform sponsors of their height, weight, and presenting disability at least one week prior to their scheduled session so that the proper horse may be selected to meet their needs. There is a weight limit of 240 pounds.
· A rider’s form, which will be emailed to those selected for sponsorships, must be filled out and brought at the time of the scheduled session. No one will be permitted on a horse without the completed paperwork.
Want to help?

Courage Reins is a wonderful organization and their horses receive the best of care, however donations are needed to keep an organization like this running. An ATV is sorely needed at this time to help with snow removal and the harrowing of the arenas and pastures. If you are interested in donating to this organization and/or the Riding on Courage Sponsorship, please email: or click on the donate button below. Thank you!


  1. Jennifer -

    Courage Reins is awesome! My son took riding lessons there when we lived in Orem. He loved it! =) This is such an excellent opportunity for a child to get a special day out with the horses.

  2. Danyelle--
    I agree! Courage Reins is AWESOME! I wanted to start up my own equine based business that implemented therapeutic riding, but life got me sidetracked. I am so excited to be working with them on this project. If you can, help us spread the word so we can get some kids nominated.



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