Thursday, April 7, 2011

Courage Reins

This is why we are doing the Courage Reins program:

Mitchell is 13 years old and was born with spina bifida. He has had 14 surgeries so far in his life and has been quite the trooper. The last surgery, which was a year ago in December, was quite an extensive orthopaedic surgery on his hip to shore up his hip socket and fit the ball more securely into the socket in order to prevent future pain. This has left him using a crutch. Before this time, he was able to get around without a crutch, using leg braces. I think this equestrian experience would be good for Mitchell for a couple of reasons. First of all, his core physical strength could increase, which would help him overall. In increasing his physical strength, his self-esteem would improve. He is very quiet and shy and I think that working with horses would give him a sense of accomplishment.

Sent to us my Mitchell's mother

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